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All you aspiring rappers , this is the place for you to get some quick lessons on rapping. I have included some practical examples which you will enjoy reading and rapping! I plan to regularly update new rhymes,new techniques to help you boost your confidence during freestyle rap battles....
Have fun and enjoy!
-mc xtasy

Thursday, May 22, 2008

my rap if ain't d best, but good enuf to get u vexed,
rap ain't jus bout crap , it's more of sensible rhymin of text...

u say i m insensible just coz you cant undastand it
improve ur language skills i'm a tell you for ur own benefit
my raps have a great degree of brain shit and mneumonics
not meant 4 low pedigree and shame shit wid no logic. . . .
the dept of my lyrics , u aint never explore it
my shit makes even alcoholics like u euphoric..

Some ideas, some multies, some pure rhymes and some complex thoughts!

Flipping examples 1

Opponent's line:
"u got some fire witin, only to burn ur self,
u gotta take a break, boy u need some help..."

My reply:
"of coz i got a FIREcausin DIRE consequences
to burn to death all u LIARS even b4 u falls in NEMESIS"

-->the internal rhymes "fire,dire,liar"
-->the ending is special for me!.."consequences" rhymes wid "falls in nemesis"
I actually liked the opponent's lines too,that i had a fire only to burn myself..that shit was tight...but i guess my shit was tighter!hopefully...lolz